There are many places of wonder I have encountered through my time with Macros and Tomas. Each one holding untold riches of the mind and soul. The greatest possibilities came from the Hall of Worlds. A place of endless doors, each opening to a planet. Imagine being able to travel places of new cultures and knowledge with only a few steps. But alas, with all the Time I have been gifted with, there is just not enough for me to explore them all. That is the task I leave to you.

Each of you have been granted access to a great power. Do not take it at face value as just a simple tool for travel. The limits of a normal life have been removed to where your own intelligence, skill and strength will gauge what you can accomplish. There is so much that can be gained and learned in your travels. Take each moment in stride and know that each step is a part of a new history.

Be warned, there will be hardships and trials in your path. Ones that will test your will, morals and friendship. Evils and chaos is just as powerful if not more so in that place. There will be times when you will be alone, without help or support. You will encounter new allies and enemies, sometimes they will be hard to tell apart. So be vigilant against the tide of darkness, trust in each other.

There is no further advice I may give to fit all the possibilities that you will come across. Instead I will wish you luck and success in your travels.


Hall of Worlds

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