Hall of Worlds

The Day of Testing

I have trained you all from the day this plan was put into motion. The Hall of Worlds is a harsh place so I have been equally as harsh in trying to prepare you for it. You each have been through the trials of survival against the elements and I have tried to arm you with as much knowledge as possible. But there is only so much I can give you before it becomes useless without experience.

The day has finally arrived where you will venture forth from here. From the short history where we would call this Home and the people Friends and Family. But the place you venture to is so much more, words would do it no justice. You will come across beautiful evils and horrible truths that were not intended for the mortal eye. There is no preparation we can provide to support you with this.

So to we give you a final test. One which will hopefully show you as much as us of your growth and power. We will see if you survive it…

-Nim Fiddley


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