Honest John

Owner of the Tavern in the Hall of Worlds


No one knows what his real name is but everyone calls him by Honest John. He was one of the rare ones that stumble into the Hall of Worlds by accident. Confused by the change of surroundings, he stepped off the platform between doors. Instead of falling into the endless black of nothingness between planets, he came into a pocket realm. The origins of it are still unknown even to John, either remnants of some great magics, luck or his own hidden ability. But as an entrepreneur, he would establish a Tavern in that place. The endless space was perfect for as much growth and expansion as he needed. Materials moved from the plentiful worlds nearby.

The Tavern grew to the size of a small city, housing an almost endless bar, private and public spaces for all kinds of meetings, sales and rest. His name though would be proven out as he is known to be honest in all things. Keeping the Tavern a neutral ground for all to use, weapons and offensive magics are checked and sealed at the door. The only powers allowed to be used are for divination, creation or transport. He himself is also used as a mediator in many between-world disputes or ones for people who reside in the Hall.

One of the most used feature of the Tavern though is the Map. It is kept up to date with information gathered from the multitude of travelers that go through the Hall. Even one explorer has been known to be the furthest away still sends messages back with updates. Though they take months to get back due to the distance. The Map is 98% accurate (as nothing is foolproof) and used to help guide travelers plot their travels.


Honest John

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