Sit. Stay. Save The Day.


Malakai was a normal everyday shifter kid. He went hunting, howled at the moon, everything a young shifter did around his age. Then he ran into some druids. He found them a little odd talking about “Balance and understanding all natures creations” but they could do some cool stuff. He followed them around and eventually started picking up a few tricks. He stayed with them learning how to move through woods and bring down huge creatures that threatened his people. He never really understood their whole weirdness every time he caught and ate a deer without treating it like some holy experience instead of lunch though.

Mal is often quiet and likes to observe things before jumping into action. He also tends to take the most direct route when dealing with things instead of worrying over things like morality. He doesn’t like needless killing though. It confuses the hell out of him, why kill it if it is not trying to eat you or you are not planning on eating it?

Malakai’s life was going quite well and boring until he ran into some odd gnome. It talked about the end of the world and some weirdos who where preparing to save it when the time came. The gnome was obviously crazy and he would have left then and there if the gnome hadn’t let Mal in on a secret. There was some sort of hallway that could take you anywhere, even to places Mal had never been. This got Malakai’s attention, curiosity had always been a weakness of his after all. They keep sending him around to find things or people or jump through some hoop. All Mal knows is that he keeps getting to eat and meet new and interesting things even the druids have never seen.

Malakai would be having the time of his life if things would stop trying to kill him.


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