Nim Fiddley

Teacher and the person primarily responsible for training the Hall of Worlds Team


Nim is so old, people can’t tell if he is just a shrunken aged man or the Gnome race he really is. As an Illusionist, he had the unique background of maintaining high levels of creativity and ingenuity while delving into years of arcane training. This was part of the reason he was chosen to train up the team that went to the Hall of Worlds. Not knowing what kind of places or creatures that would be encountered, he was tasked to give some basic training to them in everything he could imagine useful. From simple survival in different climates, training in testing the breathable air.

He is also going to be the primary contact for the team, setting up a base of operations in Honest John’s Tavern. He has his own tasks there but one is to be a messenger between the team and the people on Midkemia.


Nim Fiddley

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